Let's Get You geared up!

Our Huntington Beach tire and wheel experts are ready to help you service your vehicle and get equipped with the best.

Repair and Upgrades
  • Suspension- Because the steering and suspension system play a pivotal role in maintaining control over your vehicle, a suspension issue needs to be addressed in a timely manner. Whether you're in need of suspension diagnostics, repair, such as shocks, bearings or ball joints, diagnostics, or you're interested in upgrading your suspension, our Huntington Beach suspension experts are only a phone call away.
  • Lift Kits- If you're interested in lifting your truck for appearance's sake or to increase your ground clearance for off-roading, Gear Up Tires offers lift kits that target your preference.
  • Lowering Kits- Many car enthusiasts appreciate the features that come with lowering their vehicle, such as faster acceleration, increased handling around corners, and quicker stops. If you want to drop your car, Gear Up Tires offers the best packages for lowering kits.
  • Leveling Kits- Similar to lift kits, a leveling kit will raise the truck to fit larger tires and increase ground clearance but at an affordable price. However, a leveling kit does this by slightly raising the front of the vehicle so it matches the back. Talk to Gear Up Tires' truck accessory experts today for a leveled look.
  • Alignments- There are many benefits to getting an alignment, such as increased handling, better gas mileage, proper road contact, a smooth ride, and maximizing the life of your tires. However, you may be interested in a custom alignment for your track car rather than the standard factory-specs. Unlike many tire chain stores, Gear Up Tires is able to accommodate for your preference.
  • Brakes- If your brakes are squealing or grinding, your vehicle is pulling to one side when braking, or your brake pedal presses down with no effort, you need to visit the nearest mechanic for a full brake diagnostic. Without a fully functioning brake system, your vehicle is not safe to drive. Visit Gear Up Tires to have your brakes inspected today.
  • Wheels- If you're searching for after-market wheels, Gear Up Tires has a wide selection for you to choose from. After you've found the perfect look, our Huntington Beach wheel experts are equipped to ensure proper fit for safety and performance.
  • Tires- Whether you're looking for increased performance, a favorite tire brand, or affordable tires in Huntington Beach, Gear Up Tires has you covered. Just let us know your tire size and preference.
  • Flat Repair- You might be able to save your punctured tire and some money in the process. If a nail or other sharp object punctures your tire, it's important to visit a tire shop near you as soon as possible. Our tire repair experts will help you determine the severity of the puncture and patch, plug, or seal the damaged area.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Services- Having a TPMS problem? When a vehicle's tire pressure falls below the manufacturer’s recommended level, an indicator light might flash on your dashboard. Swing by Gear Up Tires and our TPMS experts will check your tire pressure and find the root cause of your TPMS issue. Maintaining the correct tire pressure will help maximize the life of your tires and increase your gas mileage.
  • Tire Rotation- Because tires are exposed to different levels of stress, they typically wear unevenly. Gear Up Tires offers tire rotation services to reduce uneven tread wear, which will also extend the life of your tires and improve your gas mileage.
  • Tire Balance- Weight differentiation within a tire and wheel assembly may cause your vehicle to vibrate or pull in one direction. Using our top-of-the-line wheel balancing equipment, our Huntington Beach tire experts will identify which tire and wheel assemblies are causing the issue and balance your tires as needed.
  • Tire Dismount- Need to dismount a tire from a wheel without putting a new one on? Gear Up Tires will help you remove old tires from wheels and properly dispose of them.